Depression Treatment

4 Major Reasons Why Teen Depression Treatment Is An Increasingly Thorny Issue

One of the major problems facing teens in the modern times is depression. Studies have shown that just like adults teens faced a lot of challenges in their lives that can lead to this problem. Some of the major causes of depression among the teens include challenges in their education, hormonal changes during the adolescents, family problems and others. Treating depression among the teenagers offer a lot of challenges because of different aspects involved.

4 Major Reasons why Teen Depression Treatment Is an Increasingly Thorny Issue (2)

Why teen depression treatment is an increasingly thorny issue

There are many reasons why treating depression among the teenagers is a thorny issue. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Ineffectiveness of antidepressants4 Major Reasons why Teen Depression Treatment Is an Increasingly Thorny Issue (3)

Antidepressants are usually not as effective as they are supposed to be. Studies have shown that only 30 to 50 percent of individuals respond. However, this is just after they use different types of antidepressants as they look for the best ones. This means that most teenagers usually take anti depressants, but they do not get the desired results from them because they do not provide any response. This makes it hard for even psychiatrists to make determination of the best treatment for the depressed teens.

  • Misunderstanding of how the antidepressants work

There has also been an issue regarding whether antidepressants work in similar ways for teens because they work in a similar way in adults. With this misunderstanding it becomes hard even for psychtrists to give recommendation on the type or how the depressants should be taken among the different teenagers.

  • Negative reactions among the teens after taking antidepressants

Another reason why teen depression treatment is an increasingly thorny issue is that there are high numbers of victims who respond negatively to the drugs. Studies have shown that there are teens who develop negative emotions after taking the drugs. Some start thinking of committing suicide and others have even attempted to commit suicide. This is one of the reasons why there have been strict limitations on prescribing these drugs among the teens.

  • Effects of the drugs on teens’ brain

4 Major Reasons why Teen Depression Treatment Is an Increasingly Thorny Issue (1)There have been concerns on how the drugs used to treat depression affect the youthful brains of the teenagers. The problem is that just very few researches have included teens, so even knowing the effects of the drugs on the brain is hard.

It is also worth noting that depression is serious issue and the drugs used to treat it are prescribed to be taken for a long time. This is why psychiatrists are very cautious when prescribing these drugs to teenagers because they do not know the impact the drugs might have on their brains.